Merchants FAQ’s

Ally is a Software-as-a-Service platform that does not charge a commission or a transaction fee. However, we do charge a small monthly fee to cover operations, servers, and overhead costs to provide optimal software and service.

At Ally, merchants own 100% of their data and relationships with customers. Merchants can access data through the merchant portal that we will give to them after registration. Alternatively, you can easily contact us at any time to get their data exported.

Competitors tend to charge transactions and commission fees. With Ally, merchants can use whichever payment methods they prefer. They can also keep 100% of their revenues. Another difference is that Ally focuses on providing enterprise software and not direct-to-consumer services. This way merchants can manage their own reputations and ensure customer satisfaction themselves. Our SaaS is designed to empower merchants to increase revenues while being able to access a nationwide network of dedicated drivers.

Ally has over 100,000 drivers nationwide. They are available 24/7 to take orders and ensure customers get their orders in a timely manner. 

Similar to merchants, drivers get 100% of their delivery fee and tips. Hence, they make more money than they would have driving for other platforms. Drivers can choose to use either standard or instant payout. They have full transparency to the orders, deliveries, and tips that they have received. 

Drivers make 100% of the delivery fees and tips quoted to the customer. If a customer is paying $5 in delivery and $4 in tips, then the driver earns $9 for that order. On average, Ally drivers earn around 42% more compared to other platforms. This results in less stressed drivers who can redirect their energy into providing stellar customer service.

Since we do not charge commission fees on any of the transactions themselves, Ally offers cheaper transaction and delivery fees for the end consumer. Therefore, both the drivers and merchants experience increased savings.

We build our web/android/iOS applications to be completely customizable from colors, placements, specials, coupons, menu items, options, etc. Whatever you want, you can build with us! Your imagination is your only restriction!

Yes, we have corporate partnerships with Square, Revel, and other popular POS systems. Hence, merchants are allowed to have advanced integrations and merchants can sync everything from taxes to coupons!

Yes, we have the capabilities of sending SMS, MMS, and tracking link notifications to your customers completely branded to your business. This allows merchants to control their relationships with customers. In addition, they can control the process, branding and experience specific to their desires. However, there is an additional charge for any SMS notifications being sent out. It is charged at the wholesale direct price, so we don’t profit off of SMSes. 

We definitely can! Our 24/7 support staff are available to answer any questions as well as provide any last-minute changes to the platform. They can also help assist in learning and adapting the application to fit your brand, marketing, and anything you would like! We can also help you with integrating with third-party platforms allowing for a smooth experience and to help you focus on what really matters. 

Ally does not have any contracts because we believe in earning your business month after month. That’s why we are not doing any long-term contracts.  Everything is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel at any time.

We charge $250/month and then $100/ additional location. This includes services such as: SMS integration, branded iOS/Android/Web apps, push notifications, sortation, labeling, pricing, dispatch portal, and access to over 100,000 drivers!

If we raise our prices at any time, you’ll be grandfathered in for five years at your current rate.

Yes!  Ally has a sophisticated referral/brand ambassador/affiliate program, where we do a revenue sharing arrangement with anyone who refers us to customers.  If you’re interested, please reach out to us and we’ll get you set up right away.

There is an additional charge for any SMS notifications being sent out. It is charged at the wholesale direct price, so we don’t profit off of SMS messages.

Yes, Ally has deployed merchant Ally, which is an iOS/android tool that allows merchants to: order and print labels and receipts, get access to all details linked to the order, and track drivers’ trips. There’s also a built-in chat feature that allows businesses to converse with customers, allowing merchants to maintain their own business-customer relationships.

Yes, Ally’s suite of tools and softwares allow merchants to completely manage loyalty experiences with customers. Our loyalty program includes: promotions, points, coupons, rewards, redemptions, etc. We allow customers to transfer points to other customers, which is a feature that no other platform has. 

We definitely do! Ally provides a proprietary printer solution that allows you to install any printer at your front desk, kitchen or any place you so desire. As long as the device can connect to the internet, the printer can connect at any time from any place. Our printer solutions are also customizable and brandable to your business. We can even do specialized receipts with custom information that is essential for your business to operate. 

Yes, as a merchant, we have full support for erc-20 tokens such as: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Feel free to contact your Ally representative to learn more about how your application can start supporting cryptocurrency and what that means for your business.

For any delivery order, there is no delivery radius. We allow merchants to decide their own radius. One constraint is the fact that food is perishable, so it is advised against overly extending the radius as it might degrade the product. Furthermore, the prices of radiuses are dynamic and quoted. We can support any type of radius as long as the customer is willing to accept the delivery fee. 

Yes. Although we might not service all the small towns, we service all metropolitan areas in the US and even some secondary towns with large enough populations. We have drivers all over the US. We’re even expanding to Canada, Russia, Australia, Armenia, and Mexico. 

Our software is capable of filtering and routing orders to the proper drivers who are qualified and capable of delivering alcohol. We also deliver other substances such as pharmaceuticals. We can track who has the substances from start to finish. We also use facial recognition to allow for 100% certainty that the product was delivered to the correct person. To learn more about this, please contact your account representative.

Yes, if you have multiple locations or huge volumes of delivery, we can provide volume discounts. This incentivizes drivers to stay loyal to the brand as we service them on a recurring basis. Hence, the delivery cost is decreased. By awarding the driver more deliveries, drivers make more money and we get a heightened sense of security in the drivers. 

Yes, our software supports time-based, schedule-based, window-based, route-based, etc that are completely customizable to your business model. The deliveries are managed by automation tools to help your business run smoothly.