Ally is expanding to Australia!

Ally is proud to be a trusted partner for merchants and drivers in Australia. Our goal is to ensure higher incomes for delivery drivers and better profits for merchants across Australia..

During the pandemic, local businesses in Australia were hit hard by a dramatic decrease in sales. It was not uncommon for restaurants to be losing as much as $100,000 per week in December 2021. When the Delta variant prompted lockdowns in 2021, Australians began spending money at record lows. Followed by the Omicron variant, small businesses have been hit hard by the reluctance of consumers to get back out and about.

This has made it imperative for businesses to look for ways to increase their profits while decreasing their overhead. At the same time, businesses have been looking for better methods for reaching their consumers at home — an area where delivery services can become a huge asset.

This is why we created Ally

This is why Ally was born — to connect drivers to merchants without penalizing both parties with high commissions. The idea for Ally was created out of a desire to help save our favorite local restaurants and businesses. We hope to help contribute to a stronger economy for everyone involved by signing up businesses and drivers.

Australia has long been a prosperous country. By 2021, Australia was the 13th-largest national economy in the world. With a population of 25,957,159 and 2,402,254 actively trading businesses, there is no doubt that the strong business owners and hardworking residents of Australia will rebound in the years to come.

However, the reality is that COVID hit many business sectors particularly hard. Cafes, restaurants, and catering companies lost an estimated $4 billion due to the pandemic.

As of 2022, there are 19,827 restaurants in operation; restaurants that need to look for creative ways to stay afloat.

One such method is to tap into the growing demand for food delivery. Year-over-year growth for food delivery in Australia was up 30%. This growth offers a wealth of opportunity for merchants and drivers alike.

How Our Platform Empowers Australian
Drivers and Merchants

In Australia, we proudly serve # of clients, providing them with # of drivers who have helped make _# of deliveries thus far. Our platform empowers both drivers and merchants by removing commissions from the transaction.

On most platforms, when a customer places an order via a third-party marketplace, the business pays commissions on that sale, often as high as 35% of the total order value. On the flip side of the equation, drivers are also hit with commission fees as high as 42%. Our goal at Ally is to put that money back in the pockets of hardworking drivers and struggling small businesses. By doing away with a commission-based model, we offer transparency in transactions for all parties involved.

Additionally, we allow merchants to own 100% of their customer data. This allows small businesses to market, promote, advertise, and interact as much as they wish. The potential for growth is huge as merchants can even export data for use in campaigns, newsletters, and more.

A Full Suite of Merchant Tools

Ally’s Software-as-a-Service provides Australian merchants with an entire suite of applications, each with its own purpose.

Not only does Ally offer these tools, but our development team is continually pushing the boundaries on what technology can do. The goal of Ally is to ensure that Australian merchants have the ideal solutions for transactional needs while helping to boost profits for small, local businesses.

A Transparent Experience for Australian Delivery Drivers

During the pandemic, it wasn’t just business owners that were hit hard in Australia. Many people lost their jobs, with underemployment rates hitting a historic high of 3.8%. Over 1.8 million people were then left working reduced hours or no hours due to economic reasons. In particular, the accommodation and food service industries were hit the hardest, with a 35% drop in jobs.

For many, the solution has been to turn to gig positions, such as delivering foods and products. However, too many driver platforms are designed without transparency in pay, leading to increasing frustration amongst drivers.

This is where Ally looks to partner with delivery drivers across Australia to create a Driver Revolution. We don’t believe that it is fair for drivers to work on the front lines and take on risks while a middleman platform takes a sizable cut of every transaction.

Our driver-focused mobile application allows drivers to connect directly to the merchant and customer. There is no gatekeeping and no commission. Ally simply acts as the payment processing, allowing money to flow directly from the customer to the driver.

With most platforms charging drivers 20%-40% of what should be driver earnings in commission, drivers are left barely scraping by. Drivers are already responsible for paying for expensive gas, covering vehicle maintenance and repairs, as well as paying heavy amounts in taxes.

With Ally, if a customer pays $10 for delivery and leaves a $2 tip, the driver keeps the full amount. Instead of taking a commission, Ally works by charging a small flat fee of $100 only during months when a driver earns at least $1,000. If a driver doesn’t hit $1,000, they pay nothing!

Areas in Australia that Ally Serves

Ally is proud to provide Ally merchants and drivers with an optimized solution for delivery services. Our goal is to connect drivers across the country with small businesses.
We want to bolster the economy of Australia by allowing money to flow directly from customers to merchants and drivers.

We serve areas across Australia, including:

New South Wales
(LVRs and PO Boxes only)
Australian Capital Territory
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(LVRs and PO Boxes only)
(LVRs and PO Boxes only)
South Australia
(LVRs and PO Boxes only)
Western Australia
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Northern Territory
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