Introducing Scribe

Scribe – The Next Generation Translation Engine

Scribe is the next generation translation engine powered by the Ally Ecosystem. 

Scribe takes advantage of a diverse global community to offer the largest compilation of crowdsourced translations in the world.

How it Works: Integrated throughout the Ally Suite, Scribe allows for businesses, service providers, and end-users to get access to professional translation and localization. Hyper-local translation for specific dialects is only a click or tap away. Simply add the content that needs to be translated, enter your offered compensation in DRCT, and the community gets to work.

Translators are compensated for successful and verified translations of apps, books, documents, and much more. 

Validating Translations: The community also participates in the validation of other submitted translations. Scribe requires a minimum of 5 verifications for a translation to be marked as successful.

Our Context Engine allows for users of Scribe to upload multiple forms of media, such as screenshots and videos, to provide extra guidance to interpret the meaning and intent of the original text.

Welcome to the world’s first decentralized, community-powered localization and translation platform. Welcome to Scribe.