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Ally: Software Connecting Businesses, Customers, and Drivers

Ally wants to help business owners, their customers, and delivery drivers connect more easily with each other. We don’t want to be your middleman, we want to be your uniting force. We are your ally in the marketplace.

Ally Software Team Begins Development of the Ally NFT Generator: Unlocking NFTs for All.

Ally announced a new project geared at making NFTs accessible to everyone. Users will be able to create amazing collections, sell them on any marketplace and integrate them with their existing shopping experiences. Completely decentralized, the Ally platform allows users to own 100% of...

Are NFTs the Next Big Thing?

What is NFT and why do you keep hearing about it everywhere you go? Learn a bit more about how NFTs are quickly becoming a secure way to authenticate ownership of assets.

Announcing Chat Ally: An Application Facilitating A More Efficient Delivery Experience

Just released! “Chat Ally” is a digital application designed to provide drivers a simplified communication experience and the ability to connect directly with other drivers for route coordination and optimization. Whether you are an early adopter, or a heels-in-the-ground hold-out,...

The Good, The Bad, and The Dark Side of the COVID Tech Revolution

The post-pandemic era brings new opportunities but also new challenges. As businesses work to cope with massive technology influx, margins eroded by fees and commissions, and convenience-induced customer disconnect, the demand for simple, economical solutions has never been greater....

What’s Next? The World After COVID

As the world slowly emerges from its quarantine-induced cocoon, one can’t help but marvel at how quickly things have changed. Remote work, contactless, curbside, AI, and more are trending up, even as COVID is winding down. Whether you are an early adopter, or a heels-in-the-ground...

Announcing Merchant Ally: An Application Simplifying the Management of Orders and Brands by Aggregating Orders into One Place.

Just released! Merchant Ally enables businesses to consolidate multiple order streams into a single portal increasing efficiency and productivity of staff and delivery drivers and increasing transparency in order fulfillment. Additionally, Merchant Ally facilitates the nurture of...

Restaurants & Returning to Normal in a Post-COVID World

With the pandemic on the decline in many parts of the world, the big question on everyone’s mind is “when can we get back to normal?” But should we? Surges in demand for takeout, the proliferation of contactless tech, and outdoor dining may have arisen out of concerns for public...

The Vicious Circle of Restaurant Delivery Commissions

The convenience of third-party ordering platforms is undeniable, but as these platforms continue to gain market share, more people are realizing that increased revenue doesn’t always translate to increased profits. The cycle perpetuated by commissions and fees of up to 40% of per-order...

The Future of Last-Mile Logistics

It seems every time the consumer-goods industry starts to catch its breath, (NASDAQ:AMZN) shaves even more time off its free-delivery window. To catch up, a lot of companies are getting creative.

54% Of Shoppers Would Pay Local Retailers For Same-Day Delivery

A new consumer survey indicates that shoppers place a high value on same-day delivery, with 54% saying they would be willing to pay for such a service. Shopper enthusiasm for same-day delivery offers an opportunity to retailers not named Amazon: 78% o

Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash kick off $90 million fight against California’s gig worker law

Under the ballot measure, drivers could get earnings guarantee of 120 percent of minimum wage

How KKR Could Pull Off a Walgreens Takeover

A leveraged buyout of Walgreens Boots Alliance could be done because of the availability of cheap financing, the company’s strong earnings power

Watch: Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview a year after starting amazon

The “lost” Jeff Bezos 1997 interview just about a year after starting Amazon.


The company has deals with three major providers as it works to offset a major driver shortage and says it is happy with the service’s profitability.