3 Unique Advantages of Ally for Drivers

Working as an independent delivery driver can be an incredibly lucrative way to make money without the hassle of a full-time job. Delivery driving is often extremely flexible, allowing drivers to set their own hours and pick and choose which days to work.

However, for many delivery drivers, numerous frustrations arise when accepting work from a third-party platform. High commissions, a lack of transparency around orders, and poor customer service can all contribute to rapid burnout for drivers simply looking to earn a living.

This is where Ally is transforming the delivery process. Through Ally’s driver-focused mobile application, Service Ally, drivers can connect directly to the source of orders: businesses and their customers. With Ally, there are no gatekeeping middlemen charging high commissions on orders. And, unlike most delivery platforms, Ally is simply there to act as a payment processor — allowing for the quick transfer of funds from the customer to the driver.

With numerous reasons to join the Ally driver network, take a look at the top three advantages of Ally for drivers.


1. Keep 100% of Delivery Fees and Tips

The majority of delivery platforms on the market charge drivers anywhere from 20-40% of what should be straight earnings by way of commissions. Not only that, but the delivery apps usually pocket the built-in delivery fees and will often retain a portion of drivers’ tips.

This has caused an incredible amount of frustration for drivers — and rightly so! Drivers are already responsible for paying for their own gas, upkeep their vehicle, and maintaining insurance and registration.

Tacking on extra fees and taking away hard-earned tips is not only unfair, but it can make it difficult for drivers to earn a living.

With Ally, drivers keep 100% of delivery fees and tips. Not only that, but Ally does not charge drivers a commission. Instead, drivers only pay one flat rate per month for the use of the platform. And, drivers only pay this flat rate fee during months when they earn more than $1,000.


Top Benefits of Keeping Every Penny

It is easy to see why drivers prefer to work via a platform that allows them to keep their tips and doesn’t charge a range of hidden fees. The following are all benefits of saying goodbye to the commissions of old:

  • Control earnings: Because delivery drivers are not direct employees of a singular business, they should have the ability to work as much or as little as they wish. The only driving factor should be how much they wish to earn. When drivers get to keep their delivery fees and tips, they can better control how much they are earning and determine their workload accordingly.
  • Be rewarded for superior customer service: If a driver goes above and beyond and provides quality customer service, customers often take note and say thank you through a larger tip. With Ally, drivers get to keep that tip, which is an incentive to continue to provide superior services. When a third-party app pockets that tip, it is hard to be motivated to go above and beyond.
  • Invest in the right equipment: With the money saved by using Ally, drivers can reinvest in their own business. This might mean scheduling much-needed car repairs or purchasing equipment to make delivering food easier.


2. View All Order Details Before Accepting

Many third-party delivery apps on the market do not share detailed information with drivers before accepting an order. This can be extremely frustrating as a driver might accept an order that is not an ideal fit for their vehicle, geographical location, or personal preferences.

With Ally, drivers have full insight into order details before hitting accept. This allows drivers to plan their workflow more accurately. Instead of simply hitting accept and then finding out what’s next, drivers can filter through requests and pick the ones that best match their needs.


Top Benefits of Seeing Order Details

There are many reasons why drivers prefer to see the full list of order details before accepting a job. The following are some of the top reasons why drivers find this feature a win:

  • Less wasted time:  Certain order requests might not be a good match depending on the driver’s location. When apps force drivers to accept an order without the full details, it can result in a lot of wasted time as drivers run all around town trying to gather delivery orders that are not lined up efficiently. With full order details, drivers can be selective and pick which orders will work well with their planned trajectory.
  • Fewer order mishaps: Some orders require specialized equipment for delivery. When a driver cannot see what an order entails, they can wind up saying yes to a delivery that will not work well with either their vehicle or setup. This can result in orders being damaged in transit, leaving customers unhappy.
  • Improved merchant relationships: If a driver knows that a particular merchant is respected for their high-quality food or products, they know that customers will be more likely to leave a tip. By seeing order details, drivers can pick the merchants they wish to build long-term relationships with and earn more money by working with the best.


3. No Penalties for Declining an Order

For drivers, it is incredibly frustrating to work on a platform where they are penalized for declining an order. If an order isn’t a good fit, a driver should have the right to refuse the delivery.

With Ally, there are no penalties for declining orders. Drivers can pick and choose what they want and when they want to deliver.


Top Benefits of Being Able to Decline Orders

Being able to decline orders is about more than just preventing a poor customer experience. It allows drivers to tap into the following critical benefits:

  • True freedom on the job: As an independent contractor, a delivery driver should be free to accept the work they want. This is, after all, one of the top benefits of not being employed by a singular boss — freedom from a normal 9-5 structure. With Ally, drivers can take back their choice to work how they wish.
  • An adjustable workflow: Depending on the day, a driver might feel motivated to accept every order and work at a fast pace to earn extra cash. Another day, they might be working at a slower pace. With the freedom to decline orders, delivery drivers can adjust their workflow according to their personal needs.
  • A more enjoyable experience: At the end of the day, having the ability to say no to an order provides drivers with a more enjoyable experience. This cuts down on burnout and leads to a sustainable way of working.

For drivers looking to take advantage of the unique benefits that Ally offers, signing up is easy! Once onboarded, drivers only pay a flat fee each month when they are earning money. With no hefty commissions and no long-term contracts, Ally empowers drivers to earn more in an enjoyable way.