How Drivers Can Earn More With Ally’s Waitlist Feature

Recently, Ally announced the addition of a new waitlist feature for their delivery drivers. This feature allows a delivery driver on the Service Ally app to arrive at a merchant’s physical location and alerts the merchant that they are available for the next delivery.

After that, once an order is ready, the Service Ally app automatically notifies the driver of the delivery using a first-come, first-to-get-assigned basis.

This new feature is a powerful tool that enables faster delivery turnaround time and provides numerous benefits for all parties involved. In fact, with the new waitlist feature, drivers can earn more money than ever before in four key ways.


#1: Reduce Wasted Time Waiting Around

It can be extremely frustrating for delivery drivers to feel they spend most of their time waiting on orders. With Ally’s waitlist feature, delivery drivers can reduce wait times.

Instead, a delivery driver can pick a merchant they know is particularly busy during peak periods of the day, arrive on-site, and enter a queue for the next available order. Instead of driving to a restaurant after accepting an order and waiting around, Ally immediately notifies the delivery driver of the next available order.

Then, it’s go-time. The driver can grab the order within moments of receiving the alert and head out to complete the delivery.

This is hugely beneficial when it comes to increasing earnings. It is difficult to earn a lot per hour when drivers spend the majority of an hour waiting on orders. Instead, with the waitlist feature, delivery drivers can hop from busy restaurant to busy restaurant, snagging orders that are already bagged and ready to go.

Not only that, but customers are more satisfied with the speed of delivery. Because drivers are ready to go the moment an order is fulfilled, the time between ordering and food arriving on a customer’s doorstep lessens. Happier customers are more likely to give their driver a larger tip, which can help to boost earnings quickly. This is particularly true with Ally’s platform, which does not keep a penny of the driver’s hard-earned tips.


#2: Work With Trusted Merchants

Another key benefit of Ally’s waitlist feature is that it allows drivers to build relationships with merchants of their choice. This can help increase earnings, as drivers can target deliveries from reputable businesses in the area.

For example, a delivery driver might prefer picking up orders from a restaurant with a five-star reputation for serving quality food over delivering for a business continually letting customers down. The driver recognizes that this establishment takes pride in the work, and therefore is careful to ensure order accuracy, and always works in an efficient and timely manner. This allows a delivery driver to meet customer expectations, which can lead to better tips.

Not only that, but when a driver has the choice to work with trusted merchants, they spend less time dealing with checking over orders, waiting for overdue items, or taking the heat for poor food quality. Instead, they can focus on the work they should be doing — delivering the order.

With Ally’s waitlist feature, a driver can get to know which restaurants in town will offer the best experience for everyone involved. By queuing up for orders at this business, they can increase their earnings while building long-term relationships with staff members.


#3: Pick Peak Times for Work Hours

With the waitlist feature, drivers can increase their earnings by working during the hours they know local restaurants will be the busiest.

For example, if a driver knows that Mike’s Pizza Place sees a massive influx of orders on Friday evenings, it might be highly lucrative for that driver to enter the waitlist at Mike’s Pizza Place during their busiest hours.

This makes it easier to immediately boost earnings by choosing the ideal time slots to make more money. Rather than simply working more hours, drivers can choose the best optimized time periods to earn the most.


#4: Drive Fewer Miles (Spend Less on Gas)

It is no secret that gas prices are on the rise. With the extreme fuel costs right now, delivery drivers need to optimize their drive time to make a profit.

With Ally’s waitlist feature, drivers can do just that. Instead of driving around town picking up orders scattered all over the area, a driver can focus on hot spots during peak hours. This means less money spent on gas and more money earned driving smaller distances.


Earn More With Ally Today

Ally is a software company that is focused on helping drivers earn more. Ally was founded on the belief that it isn’t fair for drivers to be on the frontlines, bearing the ultimate responsibility for customer happiness, while middlemen (aka third-party apps) that do nothing more than connect these drivers with customers take a sizable chunk of every transaction.

From this, Service Ally was born. This driver-focused mobile application makes it easy for drivers to connect directly to the source of orders. By interacting directly with businesses and their customers, delivery drivers no longer are forced to pay high commissions or lose out on critical tip money because of a third-party platform.

Instead, Ally simply works as the payment processor and makes it possible for local restaurants and small businesses to accept digital orders and connect with drivers. The end result is that drivers can make more money while driving less and that customers and merchants alike are more satisfied with the work accomplished.

For delivery drivers interested in trying out Ally’s new waitlist feature, joining the platform is simple. Through a quick sign-up process, drivers can take back their freedom to earn money on their own time. Join today!