Ally Develops Waitlist Feature

Our new waitlist feature helps drivers make more deliveries and merchants get their goods to customers sooner. If you, as a driver, go the extra mile to ensure you’re at a merchant’s location — ready for another delivery — you deserve to be rewarded. Because time is always of the essence, merchants need to reduce delivery times whenever possible. Our waitlist feature makes doing so possible.


How Ally’s Waitlist Feature Works

The waitlist feature allows delivery drivers on the Ally Platform to arrive at the merchant’s physical location and let the merchant know they’re available for a delivery. Our platform then automatically assigns the next available order to drivers using a first-come, first-to-get-assigned basis. If no drivers are checked into the waitlist, all those in the area are notified as they normally would.


How Ally’s Waitlist Benefits Drivers

Drivers who use the waitlist feature are rewarded with consistent business. They can prove their reliability as they deliver for the merchants they like working with the most.

For example, suppose a hypothetical restaurant, Better Burgers, has between 5 and 15 drivers delivering for them at any given time. However, most of them deliver to several other restaurants, so they are often unavailable. If a driver signs up for the waitlist, he or she is automatically placed in a queue and assigned the next available order as long as they’re physically present at the restaurant. 

Drivers can now earn consistent income from deliveries by simply heading back to Better Burgers after dropping off the previous order and checking in.  Drivers are able to generate secure, reliable income night after night.  Drivers can check into the waitlist upon arrival at a participating merchant, knowing that he or she will have priority. 


How Ally’s Wait List Benefits Merchants

Merchants want to ensure they have the best, most dedicated drivers available as often as possible. Our waitlist feature helps them accomplish this by rewarding drivers for being physically present and ready for the next delivery.

Using the above example, those who are committed to delivering for Better Burgers are rewarded for going back to the same restaurant. This way, Better Burgers incentivizes their best delivery people to keep coming back for more orders.


Ally’s Waitlist Enhances Relationships without Sacrificing Efficiency

One of the best aspects of the waitlist feature is that, if no one is checked in, the system notifies drivers normally.  There are no downsides for merchants, drivers or customers. In addition, drivers and merchants can build a mutually beneficial relationship. This provides drivers with a more reliable and consistent income, while simultaneously providing merchants with a trustworthy business partner.

Often, a driver’s tip or rating may be a factor of elements out of their control: how soon the item was ready for delivery or its condition when it arrives — such as hot or cold in the case of food delivery. Our software’s waitlist feature allows merchants and drivers to minimize pick-up time and keep customers happier. Meanwhile, drivers can develop strong, dependable relationships with merchants, resulting in more consistent income.