Ally Introduces pNFTS

Ally is partnering with SyncDao to create specially minted pNFTs created and designed by some of your favorite celebrities! Once you purchase a pNFT on the Ally Platform (Powered by Direct), up to 80% of the sale gets put into a perpetual vault (a decentralized investment platform). Within this digital vault, the money keeps growing and, eventually, the pNFT to pay for itself.  In the long term you can even generate a profit!


What is a pNFT?

pNFT stands for Perpetual Non-Fungible Token.  “Perpetual,” refers to the fact that the income NFT generates is ongoing. When you purchase an NFT as part of the Ally Ecosystem, 70-80% of the cost of the NFT is deposited into a yield-earning investment vehicle, which distributes earnings on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. These earnings are pooled and distributed to all pNFT holders pro rata. 

The earnings get deposited to the wallet that holds the NFT. As more people purchase NFTs and the effects of compounding increase, the earnings per NFT owned grows over time. This, in turn,  enhances the value of NFTs.


How do I receive my earnings? 

Earnings are paid in any currency you choose by the pNFT holder, such as USDC, USDT, ETH, BTC, and more!  Because pNFTs are tied with our Cross-Blockchain Protocol, our NFTs exist and are capable of earning on ANY blockchain. 


Can existing companies take advantage of pNFTs?

Yes, with Direct pNFT smart contracts, users can mint their NFT using the Direct NFT Generator and participate in the earnings pool. 


Does the cost of the NFT I purchase matter?

Yes.  Higher-value NFTs represent a larger fraction of the pool. Purchasing a $10,000 pNFT will yield higher returns than purchasing a $10 pNFT. 


How can I use my pNFTs?

NFTs currently have wide ranging utility, such as evidence of ownership, building collections, displaying art, assets in games, and numerous other functionalities. With pNFTs, owners can do all the same things but with the added benefit of earning recurring revenue. 

Through the Ally Direct Ecosystem and Protocols, we are constantly adding ways for you to take advantage of your new and existing NFTs. Such advantages include: in-game content, play-to-earn, cross-game capabilities, personal enjoyment, physical real world display, and much more. 


Are the pNFTs Cross-Platform compatible? 

Using our Cross-Chain engine and our platform Software Development Kit (SDK), developers and other platforms can integrate our NFTs into their ecosystems. We will also integrate our pNFTs into other systems, extending the utility of our pNFTs past just our platform. 


What is the difference between Earnings and Rewards for NFTs?

Currently a lot of platforms are incentivising NFT purchases by issuing rewards, bonus NFTs, random offerings, and the like. These are temporary marketing tools that are designed to bring sales to their platform. Unlike those traditional reward systems, the pNFT ecosystem is designed from the ground up to combine decentralized finance and NFT ownership. These are vehicles where owners will continue to earn perpetually. These earnings are actually generated from investing the underlying capital and distributing income earned. Combined with other investment opportunities, compounding value, purchasing real-world assets, all NFT holders get to benefit from the generated earnings.