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Ally is a software company empowering the Driver Revolution. We don’t think it’s fair for drivers to be on the front lines, bearing ultimate responsibility for customer happiness, and yet middlemen who do nothing more than connect them with their customer take a sizable cut of every transaction.

With Ally’s driver focused mobile application, Service Ally, drivers are able to connect directly to the source of orders: businesses and their customers — not gatekeeping middlemen that charge high commissions. Unlike most delivery platforms, Ally simply acts as a payment processor — allowing funds to flow directly from customer to driver without charging commissions.

Keep All of What you Earn

It’s no secret that most platforms charge drivers 20%, 30%, and sometimes even 40% of what should be driver earnings in commissions. When drivers already have to pay for their own gas, their own vehicle, their own insurance, taxes, maintenance and more, why should they have to pay large commissions on top of it all? We don’t think that’s right.

With Ally, if the customer pays $10 for delivery and leaves a $2 tip, you keep the full $12 dollars. You only pay a small flat fee of $100 in months where you earn at least $1,100 – if you don’t hit $1,100, you pay nothing!

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It couldn’t be easier to get started with Ally. All you need is to:

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Have valid vehicle

Have social security for a quick background check

It’s as simple as that.
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