Monthly Newsletter – January 2022

January Newsletter
January Newsletter

January 15th, 2021

In this newsletter, we have included a summary of our progress throughout the entirety of 2021. From launching our Direct Token (DRCT) to partnering with Square, Ally had a busy year! We are grateful to everyone who contributed in making 2021 successful and look forward to an even more successful 2022!


A.M.A.s Held With…

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CEO & Founder, Roman Tsarovsky, was Featured in…

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AltcoinBuzz with Layah Heilpern

Mission Matters: Worlds’ Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success by Adam Torres

Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food by Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandland

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO with Charlie Katz

Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup with Tyler Gallagher

New Projects Started

Affiliate Portal
Influencer marketing has quickly become the tool of choice for brands looking to organically grow consumer awareness. The Ally Affiliate Portal will combine aspects of popular influencer marketing platforms with more traditional brand affiliate programs, offering the ultimate in flexibility for both sides.

App Repos
We developed AppRepo to be an internal platform to help merchants test their applications. Merchants now have a central portal to access their builds and test their applications while staying up to date on customizations.

Authentication on the Blockchain
Ally is bringing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Decentralized Identity into the blockchain with our Authentication Protocols, starting with Ethereum. Combined with our Cross-Blockchain Protocols, users can extend their identity across multiple blockchains, allowing for capability with any program, platform and future technology.

Autonomous Vehicle
Ally is determined to lower the delivery expense for end consumers. The Ally Delivery Rover will allow for 1-2 mile deliveries to be fulfilled autonomously, which drastically reduces delivery costs. Delivery costs can be lowered to $1—dropping the average cost by 77%.

Chat Ally
Ally’s own chat application provides an efficient means of communication amongst drivers and between service providers and merchants.

$DRCT Launch
The Direct Token is the backbone of the Ally Ecosystem. It is involved in every aspect of our transactional engine. The launch of DRCT was one of the Company’s biggest milestones in 2021.

Ally has been working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration throughout our ecosystem, platforms, and protocols. We are pleased to announce Elly–our central AI that will be present throughout our platform’s technology. Elly will assist in dispatching, monitoring, support, driving, communication, onboarding, live chat, games, and much more.

Embedded Store
With the overwhelming success of our Embed Store platform that converts any website into a customizable e-commerce experience, we decided to invest into making this platform even better. We have added many new features, options, and customizability that brings the design and functionality into the future. Businesses will have the ability to control their customer experience while having confidence that conversion is maximized.

Find It!
Inventory personal possessions for easy location or offer them up for sale. The project is an extension of Ally’s inventory management software, making this great tool available to everyone.

Merchant Ally Portal
The Ally platform has always offered extreme flexibility in the management of brands, store locations, products, menus, hours of operation, and the ecommerce experience that brings all this to consumers. Now, that flexibility is being streamlined and made even more intuitive so merchants can easily adjust to changes in their business with a few clicks. Gain full control over core elements of your business, monitor orders, communicate with customers, and see visual changes to your apps before they are live – and much more.

NFT Generator
Ally’s NFT Generator streamlines and automates the process of minting NFTs.

POS Ally
Our goal is to create the next generation of point of sale systems to help businesses manage all parts of their business internally. This platform will provide an easy clean interface for businesses to conduct sales, manage check-ins, take reservations, collect payments and much more.

Pharmacy Ally
This is a variation of the Ally Apps that provides tools for pharmacies to conduct their business within the Ally Ecosystem in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

QR Flix
Video streaming continues to grow in dominance over traditional cable and satellite services. Integrated viewing and shopping experience that allows viewers to buy items featured in scenes of their favorite movies. This shopping experience will feature the same flexibility ecommerce technology enjoyed by customers of Ally’s web and mobile apps.

Reflect Ally
As we continue to develop we were surprised by the amount of assistance Reflect brought our development team and sped up productivity, helped with communication and provided a centralized place to document the applications and platforms. Now everyone will be able to maximize operations, communications and documentation.

Consumers and Businesses will have the opportunity to take advantage of Ally’s platform for translation. Businesses can hire professional translators to translate their content into any language with sophisticated software. Users can log in and receive compensation in DRCT tokens for successfully translating content.

Sortation Ally
Improves delivery operations by using upstream optimization and route-based sortation.

WordPress Plug-In
We set out to expand our integration capabilities to one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, WordPress. Specifically the WooCommerce plugin. We now extend the functionality to allow for the syncing of products, customers, inventory, orders and other data into the Ally Platform. Users of WordPress can now have an iOS and Android app that is fully compatible with their current setup.

Zero is a marketplace powered by the Ally Platform that charges zero commissions. Merchants can get all of the benefits of a platform like DoorDash without giving away a significant portion of their revenue.

Workforce Ally
Workforce Ally assists businesses with automation, organization, and tracking of operations and systems within their organization. By leveraging Workforce Ally, business owners can operate, manage, and scale their business.

Feature Updates and Upgrades

Service Ally Improvements

— Updated Icons (Vehicle, Bank Account, Earnings, Support, etc)
— Restaurant Names on Orders
— Added Driver ID to Profile
— Multi-Language Capabilities
— Additional Payment Options
— Earnings Summary with Detail View
— Past Earnings Summary with Detail View
— New Earnings Progress Section
— Revised Balance Format and Supporting Text
— Bank Account Info Entry Reminder
— Bank Account Address when Adding/Editing Banks
— Bank Account and Fee Reminds for Transfers
— Debit Card section
— Select Account/Debit Card when Initiating Transfers
— SSN Supporting Text and Privacy Policy Link
— Added Custom Model Field for Vehicles
— Upgraded App to Newest Operating System Capabilities
— Various Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Store Ally Enhancements

— Updated Terms & Conditions
— Updated Privacy Policy
— Image Option Selection
— Improvements to the Invite Friends Feature
— Product Options Can Now Be Columns
— FiveStar Integration
— Multi-Language Capabilities
— Product and Merchant Favorites
— Menu Placement Locations
— Added Helpful Text
— Display Gift Card Type
— Display Reward Info
— Crypto Integration in Wallet
— Coupon and Promotion Redemption
— Multiple Carts in the Store App
— Group Notification Settings
— Header/Footer Functionality
— Different Templates for Icons
— Click-to-Call Functionality
— Swipe to Remove
— Zoom In/Zoom Out to Show User and Store Locations
— Added New Templates for Merchants
— Custom HTML
— Map View
— New Category Layouts
— Gift Card Sale and Redemption [In-Progress]
— Reservations and Dine-In Order [In-Progress]
— Various Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

New Clients Onboarded