Monthly Newsletter – February 2022

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

February 15th, 2022

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance its business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

Updates on The Verse

The Verse is Ally’s take on a metaverse, open-world, unlimited-space concept game. Ally is bridging the digital and physical by providing users of the Ally ecosystem a means to interact with one another in a virtual space and conduct business within a game experience. The style of the world will be low-poly, fun, bright, creative, and extensive. Below is a glimpse into what we’re working on:

  • The most important feature of The Verse is the link to the real world. Businesses and companies all over the world will be able to build and add their brand into this new digital world. Users will be able to interact, visit, learn, and purchase from these businesses with in-game currency, DRCT, and other cryptocurrency.
  • In-world protocols such as the Banking System and Vaults will allow the players to store their items, participate in real-world financial strategies, and protect their in-game resources.
  • The game is built to work on all blockchains. First, starting on Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom, all NFTs will be cross-game compatible. Users will be able to port their favorite items to other worlds and games.
  • Users will be able to collect in-game currency that will be redeemable for real world items, purchases, NFTs, pNFTs, upgrades, in-game items, and much more.
  • Players will be able to craft, brew, and generate NFTs using in-world items. These items can be gathered, mined, captured, and procured in different ways.
  • As user’s immerse themselves within The Verse, they will find new ways to interact, craft, and explore.
  • Users will be able to procure real estate NFTs that give them the right to build, plant on, and interact with the land as they see fit. City Condos will allow users to secure private real-estate in preferred locations allowing for quick access and interaction with the city world. In the City, NFTs will allow anyone to purchase business real estate space allowing them to construct and show off their business, galleries, and more.

The Verse will be filled with an abundance of new features and constant evolution constantly being developed and expanded. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Major Key Announcements

Ally Landing Page on Square’s Website
Check out the official landing page here:

StackOS Partnership
StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol technology that seeks to connect developers with decentralized computing power through a UI-based application deployment engine. By partnering with StackOS, Ally will effectively optimize its servers and reduce costs associated with the use of its platform. In turn, this will provide businesses with an affordable and reliable platform for driving revenue and maximizing profits on all orders.

Project Development Updates

Service Ally

  • We’re pleased to announce that another new version of Service Ally has been released into the wild. As of February 4th, 2022, iOS and Android users gained access to our latest update, which solidifies our partnership with our new payment processor, Fiserv, and includes instant transfers of earnings, on-demand standard transfers of earnings in 2-3 days, and the ability to save banks/debit cards and set defaults for transfers. Normal payments are still processed for free every Monday, but a transaction fee applies for user-initiated transfers ($.50/standard, $2.00/instant).

Store App

  • We’re currently targeting a release of the following features at the end of February:
    • Dine-in reservations, scheduling, and history
    • Pre-order items to reservations you’ve made
    • Easily invite friends and family to your reservations with multiple sharing options
    • Remote waitlist joining and live waitlist updates
    • Enhancements to gift card ordering and redemption
  • Also in the works are:
    • Group ordering and invites for all order types (dine-in, takeout, delivery)
    • Check splitting by person, by item, or by amount

Ally Wallet

  • Ally Wallet is built to empower the average user to manage their crypto currency holdings. Ally Wallet is an app to buy, sell, and transfer crypto currencies, check market performance, and more. Currently, the Ally Wallet is built into every application, allowing users to see their balance, use their funds, and transfer as they so choose. With the introduction of the standalone application, users gain customized, specialized and direct use outside of each individual application. This opens up the target audience to focus on other use cases such as bill pay with DRCT, gifting, purchasing outside the ecosystem, and much more. The Ally Wallet is in development and about 90% complete. We’re preparing to start alpha and beta testing!


  • Influencer marketing via social media channels continues to grow in popularity for its ability to reach potential customers on a more grass-roots level. iFluencer will enable brands and influencers (or more traditional sales affiliates) the ability to partner on marketing campaigns, negotiate compensation, share digital and print assets and make payments through a secure platform. We are still in the early design stage, primarily working on grayscale user flows. Given the complex nature of this project, readiness for development is estimated around the end of April 2022, but we’re working to accelerate.

Merchant Portal

  • Our new Merchant Portal is intended as a self-service hub for managing the things that are most important to our merchant partners. Merchants can manage their brands, locations, menus, products, and more, but most importantly, they can also manage their app branding, look, and feel with an intuitive interface that lets you see changes before they go live. We’re rapidly nearing readiness for developer handoff on this project – about 85-90% done with designs. The onboarding portion of the app is already in development. This enables Ally to gather the most critical information from our partners and get them up and running faster while we complete the development of the full portal. Estimated start of development is end of February 2022.

NFT Marketplace

  • Public awareness and popularity of NFTs has soared over the last year. With some NFTs selling for many millions of dollars, everyone wants to get in on the action. Building upon Ally’s already-existing NFT generator technology, the advent of our Crypto Wallet app, and leveraging the growing strength of DRCT and it’s smart contract capabilities, we’re building a marketplace for users to manage, buy, and sell NFTs. This will pave the way for integration of NFT minting and transactions within our upcoming game, The Verse. Though this project is relatively new, we’ve made rapid progress on designs. We are already roughly 40% done with designs. We expect this to be ready for development by the end of March or early April 2022.

Find It!

  • Find It! combines the ability to digitally organize your home, storage unit, or any other location along with the ability to price and put those items up for sale at the touch of a button. Create locations, rooms, and sub-rooms with pictures to help you remember where they are, add items with pictures, descriptions, and pricing, and put unwanted items up for sale with ease, individually or whole rooms at a time. This project is very early on in the design stage. We’re excited about the potential this project has for synergy with other projects such as The Verse. More to follow in the coming months!


  • Zero aims to bring the same industry disrupting online ordering and delivery business model of no fees or commissions per order along with our ultra-flexible and established e-commerce technology to the world of marketplace platforms. Think DoorDash without all the extra fees. We’re in the early stages of design here – about 80% through grayscale screens. We expect to have this ready to begin development by the end of March 2022.

New Clients Onboarded