Ally Now Has Live Chat

Live chat has become the leading preferred digital contact method for online customers. In fact, 46% of customers say they prefer live chat compared to just 29% for email and 16% for social media. Despite these staggering numbers, only 9% of companies currently use live chat on their websites. To better serve customers, Ally has officially launched its own live chat feature.

Ally’s brand new Live Chat tool offers customers the ability to access support, ask questions, or request any other type of assistance instantly through the Ally website.


How Ally’s Live Chat Works

Ally customers can access the new live chat feature by simply visiting the Ally website. There will be a small chat bubble in the bottom right corner of every Ally web page. After clicking on the chat bubble, a small window will expand where the customer can enter basic information, including a name, email address, and general description of the question or assistance needed. Once this is completed, the live chat can be initiated by clicking, “Start Chat.”


Chat With an Actual Human

One of the best reasons to use Ally’s new Live Chat feature is the opportunity to chat with an actual human being. Ally doesn’t use auto-bots or any other form of artificial response system. Customers will always be connected to a real live agent who can offer personalized assistance to their specific needs.

Ally recognizes that every business is unique, which is why a real-life dedicated Ally Success Manager works to understand specific situations and craft solutions business owners feel good about.


Questions Answered ASAP

Live chat also allows for fast response times. No more waiting on emails, phone calls, or service requests. Ally representatives are ready to quickly answer any questions a customer might have. This is especially helpful if a customer finds themselves in a time-sensitive situation requiring an immediate solution. While Ally’s software is intended to make business as seamless and easy as possible, there is always room to learn and grow. No question is too minor or insignificant.


Accessible 24/7

Exceptional customer support means being available to clients whenever they need assistance. Issues or questions can arise at any time.  That’s why Ally’s Live Chat feature is always accessible — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Why Live Chat?

With the launch of its new live chat feature, Ally hopes to better serve its more than 1,000 businesses and 100,000 drivers across the U.S. and, by extension, create a seamless experience for its customers.

Leveraging Ally to build direct relationships with customers means businesses can stop relying on third-party marketplaces for customer orders.