Ally’s Journey, Success, and New Partnerships

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Experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that adversity comes with opportunities. We can say the same with Covid-19. The pandemic opened a myriad of opportunities for delivery businesses. In the US, the delivery business industry registered a historical 8% growth during the pandemic, thanks to a spike in demand for the services. Moreover, businesses that already provided delivery services scaled by adding capacity, extending operation hours, and venturing into new markets.

Among the companies that remained steadfast during this change with diversified software products for the delivery business industry is Ally. With a network of more than 90,000 drivers, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform executed and fulfilled more than 24 million orders in 2020 and has helped 500+ brands optimize their revenue streams to maximize profits. Moreover, Ally continues to build innovative products that address prevalent challenges surrounding today’s business transactions.

This article reflects Ally’s journey, including the platform’s latest developments and partnerships. Keep reading for more in-depth insight into Ally’s traction.


New Delivery Mechanisms for More Revenues

Ally is at the forefront of enabling delivery merchants and drivers to optimize their revenues. With Ally’s suite of software tools, businesses can now serve their customers directly, without the need of intermediaries or juggling multiple service providers that charge exorbitant rates. For instance, merchants can access over 90,000 incentivized drivers who happily deliver at relatively affordable rates, from as low as $3.50.

“Our solution helps businesses claim their customers with a unique branded experience, where business owners have full control of their brand reputation and customer experience. Even better, users can integrate Ally Enterprise Solutions directly with their third-party systems, such as POS and SMS,” says Roman Tsarovsky, CEO of Ally.

In improving revenues for merchants, Ally doesn’t forget the drivers. The company’s solution allows drivers to earn up to 40% more, as opposed to what regular marketplace platforms offer. What’s more, drivers retain 100% of their tips.

Ally and Square Inc. Partnership

Ally recently announced a new partnership with Square Inc. (now Block Inc.), a worldwide trusted solution for business software, hardware, and payments. The partnership comes at an opportune time when micro and macro businesses need fully integrated suites of tools to optimize operating costs and general efficiency. Through this collaboration, Ally and Square will design and sell as a service innovative suites of tools that will help restaurants and eCommerce businesses streamline their deliveries.

“We are joining hands with Square Inc. to offer business-ready solutions that will optimize delivery for food, grocery, medicine, homemade food, and meal prep delivery businesses. We are very optimistic about this collaboration as it aligns with our vision of creating customer-centric, yet profitable and sustainable delivery mechanisms,” says Tsarovsky.

Typically, this partnership is good news to everyone, not just current businesses. Ambitious entrepreneurs can also take advantage of this to start their delivery businesses. Ideally, the collaboration’s idea is to help thousands, or even millions of users earn decently and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Perfect Transactions and Autonomous Rover for Delivery

Restaurants and fast-food businesses can inflate their delivery charges by up to 91%, which can be pretty expensive for average consumers who prefer takeaway meals to in-store dining. Ally is exploring new payment solutions, such as digital coins that will help businesses conduct perfect transactions, in a bid to cut third-party costs. For instance, customers can pay for the meal and delivery directly to the business without incurring unnecessarily high transaction authentication costs. Moreover, blockchain-centric transactions bring autonomy by eliminating financial intermediaries.

Another interesting innovation by Ally that shows its positive traction in the industry is the Autonomous Rover (RoRi). This technology will help businesses deliver a large number of orders at relatively affordable rates. In that case, other drivers can now focus on enhancing customer experience instead of straining to fulfill overflowing orders.

“We bring an innovative solution, one of its kind (RoRi) that can help businesses save delivery costs by up to 80% and reduce their carbon footprint. This is the kind of sustainability every industry wants in a bid to mitigate climate change,” says Tsarovsky. 

Ally Keeps Growing

This is just a snippet of what Ally is doing in the industry. In the background, a lot is happening, with upcoming partnerships with like-minded service providers in the sector. You’re looking at a company that adapts to change swiftly by powering businesses with innovative solutions that stimulate revenues.