Announcing Chat Ally: An Application Facilitating A More Efficient Delivery Experience

Ally, Inc. today announced its newest digital application – Chat Ally.  This App, an important element of the Ally Ecosystem, currently provides drivers with a simplified, direct communication experience that enables drivers to connect directly with one another for route coordination and optimization.

By using their Service Ally account drivers can log into Chat Ally where they are empowered to work directly with one another to improve the delivery experience for themselves, customers, and businesses overall. With enhanced communication, users are able to optimize the delivery process and provide for a better customer experience.  

The long-term vision for Chat Ally is much broader, however.  Imagine if food were left behind at a restaurant, a staff member could reach out directly to the driver and arrange for the items to be picked up, saving the crucial minutes wasted by contacting third-party platforms.  

Roman Tsarovsky, Ally CEO , stated, “We look forward to the continuing evolution of Chat Ally to connect all transactional participants (i.e., merchants, end customers, and drivers), so they will be able to communicate with each other for better delivery coordination and problem solving.”

Chat Ally is built to prevent any driver within the global network from failing to complete a delivery for lack of communication . This unique connection – without a middleman service in the way – allows drivers, businesses, and customers to collaborate on orders to create a consistent and positive experience for all.

“Chat Ally is a tool that facilitates communication for problem solving for orders and deliveries,” adds Tsarovsky. “We are very excited for this next evolution of the driver experience on Ally.”