Announcing Merchant Ally: An Application Simplifying the Management of Orders and Brands by Aggregating Orders into One Place.

Ally, Inc. today announced its newest digital application designed to provide businesses a simplified order management experience and the ability to connect directly with their customers.

Merchant Ally” enables businesses to consolidate multiple order streams into a single portal increasing efficiency and productivity of staff and delivery drivers and increasing transparency in order fulfillment. Additionally, “Merchant Ally” facilitates the nurture of customer relationships via direct interaction and data to personalize marketing efforts.

“We meticulously built the Merchant Ally App to simplify the order management experience for businesses,” says Ally’s CEO Roman Tsarovsky. “Our vision is to facilitate the perfect transactional experience between businesses, customers, and delivery drivers. Merchant Ally is a great example of that. And this is just the beginning.”

Renowned for the innovative technology supporting the Ally Platform’s digital infrastructure and used by global delivery networks, Ally makes scalable business operations and reliable low-cost delivery options accessible to every business regardless of size or status. Offering solutions for the restaurant and other service industries, with countless more applications to come, Ally creates a seamless transactional experience with no commissions or middlemen for any of the participants.

“Ally was created as a next-generation software-as-a-service ecommerce and delivery platform,” adds Tsarovsky. “Creating a frictionless experience by creating direct connections between customers, businesses, and service providers is our primary goal. We’ll continue to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles to create the innovation the gig, delivery, online ordering, and many other industries require, and that Ally is able to provide.”