Monthly Newsletter – December 2022

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

December 15th, 2022

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance its business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

The Verse

The design team has continued to produce new NFTs such as skateboards and hoverboards. We have continued to create more buildings for various brand collaborations. The Verse continues to expand, further making it an ideal venture for partners and consumers alike.


Zero is Expanding to Los Angeles, CA!

We are excited to announce that Zero will be expanding to Los Angeles, CA, in January 2023! Stay tuned for more details.

Restaurants Added

We have also added 46 restaurants to the Zero platform in the past month!

Project Development Updates

Ally Kiosk

The team has completed the designs and documentation. We have now started development.


We are about 80% complete with the UI. We are working on both tablet and mobile renders.

Merchant Portal

We are about 85% complete with designs. We’ve added sections for promotions, newsletters, and reports. We have also developed and tested the “Products,” “Menu,” and “Orders” flows.

Find It!

We are in the development stage and approximately 55% complete.

Shopify Plugin

We are currently working on responsive designs. We are also working on the design flows for the tablet version.


The team is finishing up the documentation and wireframes. We have also started the designs for this project.


CheckIn is an office management system which will allow businesses to manage their workspace, employee safety, office visitors, and deliveries. Users can also book meeting rooms or office spaces. The target market for this platform will be businesses using a hybrid workspace. We have started the designs and wireframes and are approximately 15% complete.

New Clients Onboarded