Monthly Newsletter – February 2023

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

February 15th, 2023

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance its business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

Updates on The Verse

This past month, we have continued to sign new partners, create buildings, NFTs, and advertising options for brand collaborations. We are preparing to launch the Alpha in the coming weeks! Make sure to sign-up for the whitelist here

Updates on Zero

Restaurants Added

We have also added 32 restaurants to the Zero platform in the past month!

Project Development Updates

Ally Kiosk

Front end development is about 70% complete and testing in process.


All wireframes and flows have been completed. Documentation is complete and the team is about 70% done with the UI.

Store App

The team is currently updating icons and completing the design. Documentation is done and the design is about 85% complete.


Design with responsive sizes and links flow are in process. Flows for, “Payment,” “Settings,” and “Appearance” are complete. Design is approximately 85% complete.


Design and documentation are complete. The project is ready for development.

QR Flix

Design and documentation are complete. Development is approximately 30% complete.

Merchant Portal

We are continuing to make improvements to the design. We have also added screens to improve the user flow, a CRM feature, reports, and a newsletter. Development is approximately 75% complete.

New Clients Onboarded