Monthly Newsletter – June 2022

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

June 15th, 2022

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance our business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

Updates on The Verse

Ally has partnered with to bring a new level of Avatars to The Verse. In collaboration with and using our cross engine platform, The Verse takes the first step towards bridging the gap between metaverses and games.

Major Key Announcements

Polygon Adoption

Transition from Private Chain to Polygon Mainnet will start for Ally customers on July 1st. This will bring our existing transactions onto an affordable blockchain platform. DRCT will be used for transactions, escrow, dispute resolution and more.

Zero Launch on July 15th

The development of Zero has been completed! We are excited to announce that we will launch Zero in Austin, Texas on July 15th! We plan to have team members from Ally on the ground to ensure a smooth launch.

Project Development Updates

Ally Kitchen Display System (KDS)

We have added a settings flow to the Ally KDS. The design for this project is now complete and it has been moved into development.

Store App

We have implemented Group Ordering, Check Splitting, Reservations and Waitlist features into our Store Application. These updates are now available for all Ally clients to use within their White Label Application. We are currently redesigning our Store Locator to be more full-featured. Additionally, merchants will now be able to turn on Web3 integration and integrate their NFTs.


The workflow designs have been completed. We have also completed the landing pages for non-logged users. This allows them to explore brands, products, affiliates, campaigns, as well as view features and prices. We will begin development by the end of June 2022.

QR Flix

The designs have been completed for the mobile version of QR Flix. The development has begun and we have started the design for the web version.

Merchant Portal

The flows are in the process of being finalized and the design for the MVP is nearing completion.

NFT Marketplace

We have begun the development of the NFT Marketplace. A testable prototype is projected to be available at the end of Q3 2022.

Find It!

We have completed our web designs. A testable prototype is projected to be available by the end of 2022, if not sooner.

New Clients Onboarded