Ally Announces the Launch of Revolutionary Marketplace Zero

Austin, TX – July 15, 2022 – Ally, a SaaS leader in solving business transaction issues, is excited to announce the launch of Zero — a marketplace focused on eliminating third-party fees. Today, this new revolutionary marketplace is live in Austin, Texas. After its launch, Zero will quickly expand to other nearby areas and states.

Zero is the first marketplace with zero commissions, zero service fees, zero hidden fees, and zero upcharges. Ally is launching Zero as a part of its commitment to connecting customers with merchants in a mutually beneficial way.

Through the use of Zero, customers will enjoy up to 30% savings on orders compared to other marketplaces. Unlike traditional third-party marketplaces, Zero does not pass along high fees to customers simply to act as a middleman.

For merchants, Zero offers a vast amount of potential. Within the platform, merchants can advertise to increase their exposure, and they will receive full ownership of their customers. This means they can market directly to their existing customers and manage customer satisfaction one-on-one. With full transparency, reviews will be tied to actual orders to prevent marketplace manipulation. In the case of disputes, Zero will offer an organized and easy resolution service to ensure that problems are solved immediately and directly by merchants. Not only that, but merchants will save on delivery orders through the zero commission model of Zero.

While Zero is dedicated to helping customers and merchants save money, drivers also benefit with Zero. Because drivers retain 100% of the delivery fee and tip on every delivery they complete, drivers earn more while reducing the cost of deliveries. 


About Ally

Ally is a Software-as-a-Service platform dedicated to solving common problems surrounding today’s business transactions. Today, Ally boasts a delivery network of more than 110,000 drivers and has helped 1000+ brands improve revenue and maximize profits. In 2020, Ally’s platform successfully executed and delivered more than 24 million orders across the country. Learn more about Ally’s full suite of business tools at


About Zero

Zero is a marketplace powered by the Ally Platform that charges zero commissions, zero service fees, zero hidden fees, and zero upcharges. The first marketplace of its kind, Zero provides merchants all of the benefits of a platform without giving away a significant portion of their revenue. Learn more about Zero at

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