Monthly Newsletter – July 2022

Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

July 15th, 2022

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance its business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

Updates on The Verse

We have begun to develop both the exterior and interior of a shopping mall in The Verse. Shops, restaurants, and other spaces within the mall are currently in progress.

Major Key Announcements

Token Launched on Polygon

On July 1, 2022, we successfully launched the Direct Token (DRCT) on Polygon!

Verge Bridge Launched

With the launch of DRCT on Polygon, we also deployed our universal bridge, Verge, to combat the high costs of Ethereum gas fees. Check out Verge here:

Quickswap Launch

DRCT is now available on a second decentralized exchange (DEX) – Quickswap! Check it out here:

Project Development Updates

Ally Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Android development has concluded and we are now in the auditing stage.

Store App

  • This month in the Store App, we are adding several new features for merchants looking to expand into the blockchain space. Most notably, we have added NFT Gating to the Store App. NFT Gating guarantees only holders of the NFT have access to the provided content or experience.
  • Merchants who mint and offer NFTs can now connect them to the Ally suite and customize the experience for their customers. Customers can login with their wallet, view their NFTs, and see special content available exclusively for them. This includes discounts, special pages, special events, items, and more that are specifically designed for NFT holders of the brand’s collections.
  • We have also implemented animations and transitions for a smoother user experience. Our goal was to provide users and merchants the ability to control the transitions between products, photos, pages, and information. Now, merchants can customize these animations to align with their brands. Merchants can now offer and manage their customer’s reservations. Their customers can choose the date, time, party size, and more when reserving an experience at their location. This can be used for tickets, restaurant table reservations, events, and more!

Find It!

The design for this project is now complete and it has been moved into development.


Zero has officially launched today, July 15th, 2022, in Austin, Texas! We are excited to provide the Austin community with a platform focused on customer experience, zero commissions, and complete transparency. Learn more about Zero, here:

New Clients Onboarded