Ally Founder Featured in Delivering the Digital Restaurant Book

Delivering the Digital Restaurant Your Roadmap to the Future of Food is a recently published book by Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn. Ally Founder and CEO Roman Tsarovsky is a featured contributor for this book, available on Amazon!


The Driver as Customer

The Ally approach to delivery, drivers, and software is revolutionizing the entire on-demand food delivery market. In this book, the authors profile both Roman and Ally as well as how the “driver as customer” paradigm is helping delivery drivers keep all of their revenue.

Tsarovsky says, “We’re trying to solve the problem of commissions while optimizing earning potential, so that drivers are motivated to perform.  They are fighting for something and their quality of life is increasing.”

Learn more about the digital restaurant and the AllyNow platform for delivery drivers here!


About the Book

Delivering the Digital Restaurant explores the massive disruption facing American restaurants through first-hand accounts of food industry veterans and start-up entrepreneurs innovating the future of food. Combining sociological observations, rich industry data, and insider knowledge, Delivering paints a picture of how food is evolving and how you as a leader, owner, or operator can successfully innovate and meet the new consumer demands to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.