Monthly Newsletter – November 2021

November Newsletter
November Newsletter

November 15th, 2021

Every day, Ally comes across new opportunities, builds partnerships, and makes developments that further advance its business and mission. For our trusted investors and supporters, we have created a monthly newsletter that provides important information and updates all in one convenient place.

Major Key Announcements

Authentication on Blockchain
Ally is bringing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Decentralized Identity into the blockchain with our Authentication Protocols, starting with Ethereum. Combined with our Cross-Blockchain Protocols, users can extend their identity across multiple blockchains, allowing for capability with any program, platform and future technology. Users can login with their Wallet, encrypt their information, and control access to data across platforms. Registering with your Wallet on decentralized and centralized platforms has never been so easy.

Pasadena’s Chamber of Commerce
We are pleased to announce that Ally has joined the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. While Ally is very much a global software provider, we are excited to make a deeper connection with our local community.

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Meet Elly
Ally has been working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration throughout our ecosystem, platforms, and protocols. We are pleased to announce Elly–our central AI that will be present throughout our platform’s technology. Elly will assist in dispatching, monitoring, support, driving, communication, onboarding, live chat, games, and much more. Elly will be an ever evolving AI that is present in automated services, operations, and support throughout the Ally Ecosystem.

Delivery Rover powered by Elly
Ally is determined to lower the delivery expense for end consumers. The Ally Delivery Rover will allow for 1-2 mile deliveries to be fulfilled autonomously, which drastically reduces delivery costs. Delivery costs can be lowered to $1—dropping the average cost by 77%. Our Rovers are 100% electric and charged with Solar Energy, allowing them to help the environment while providing great quality of service.

Live Support Powered by Elly
We know how important it is to get live support when you need it. Elly will allow users to get instant answers to their questions and escalate anything she can’t answer to a live representative. This gives users the ability to receive automated and live support on demand. Elly will provide order, dispatch, and driver support to everyone involved. It will also provide business management for merchants.

Ally Cross-Blockchain Protocol
We envision our platform being blockchain agnostic. Our vision is to bring a true cross-blockchain engine to our protocols. This will enable all of our protocols to be utilized on the user’s desired chain, while keeping important data synchronized. We believe that the future lies in the protocols and architecture. Therefore, they should work with all solutions to deliver the best value to all.

Project Development Updates


  • Finished Design, UX/UI and started development
  • Universal and Global Translation Engine Powered by the Direct Token (DRCT)
  • Consumers and businesses will have the opportunity to take advantage of Ally’s platform for translation. Businesses can hire professional translators to translate their content into any language with sophisticated software. Users can log into and receive compensation in DRCT tokens for successfully translating content.

Sign Ally

  • Finished Re-Design, UX/UI and Started Development
  • Document Management Platform powered by DRCT
  • Built to automate contracts and agreements, Sign Ally is a very important tool in the Ally Ecosystem. It is currently being redesigned to tie into the DRCT token and open it to the world to automate document and contract management processes. Users can request signatures, share documents, and track historical changes. All of this is powered by the DRCT token and allows for API integration into any platform for NO additional costs. This drastically reduces costs for enterprises.

Ally Wallet

  • Finished Design, UX/UI and Started Development
  • Manage all your crypto in one place, and use your DRCT at your favorite places.
  • Ally Wallet is built to empower the average user to manage their crypto currency holdings. Users can purchase, convert and use their holdings at any Ally Customer as well as request deliveries and rideshare services. Currently, the Ally Wallet is built into every application, allowing users to see their balance, use their funds and transfer as they so choose. With the introduction of the standalone application, users gain customized, specialized and direct use outside of each individual application. This opens up the target audience to focus on other use cases such as bill pay with DRCT, gifting, purchasing outside the ecosystem, and much more.

POS Ally

  • Finished Design, UX/UI and Started Development
  • Merchant Point-of-Sale Tool for internal operations
  • As we continue to focus on enterprise technology, it’s imperative that we also solve operational issues experienced by retail businesses all over the world. Our goal is to create the next generation of point of sale systems to help businesses manage all parts of their business internally. This platform will provide an easy clean interface for businesses to conduct sales, manage check ins, take reservations, collect payments and much more.

New Embed Store

  • Finished Design, UX/UI and Started Development
  • Brand new E-Commerce Embeddable Script for complete customizability
  • With the overwhelming success of our Embed Store platform that converts any website into a customizable e-commerce experience, we decided to invest into making this platform even better. We have added many new features, options, and customizability that brings the design and functionality into the future. Businesses will have the ability to control their customer experience while having confidence that conversion is maximized.

Reflect Ally

  • Finished Re-Design, and Started Development
  • Prototype, UX/UI and API documentation Experience
  • As we continue to develop we were surprised by the amount of assistance Reflect brought our development team and sped up productivity, helped with communication and provided a centralized place to document the applications and platforms. We decided to evolve our solution and bring it to the world to allow other businesses to utilize this tool and enjoy the advantages all powered by the DRCT Token. Now everyone will be able to maximize operations, communications and documentation.


  • Finished Design, UX/UI, and Finished Development
  • User Testing Platform For Merchants
  • We developed AppRepos to be an internal platform to help merchants test their applications. Merchants now have a central portal to access their builds and test their applications while staying up to date on customizations. We intend to continue development of AppRepos and eventually bring this to the market powered by DRCT to allow everyone to benefit as we do.

Ally WordPress Plugin

  • Finished Design, UX/UI, and Finished Development
  • Plugin to integrate Ally’s Ecosystem into WooCommerce and WordPress
  • We are always developing and integrating into existing and upcoming platforms. WordPress is no different. We set out to expand our integration capabilities to one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, WordPress. Specifically the WooCommerce plugin. We now extend the functionality to allow for the syncing of products, customers, inventory, orders and other data into the Ally Platform. Users of WordPress can now have an iOS and Android app that is fully compatible with their current setup.

Shopify Integration

  • Finished Design, UX/UI and Started Development
  • Integration from Shopify to Ally for Order, Product, Customer, and Loyalty Syncing.
  • Shopify is quickly becoming one of the largest E-Commerce platforms used all over the world. We have received a lot of requests to integrate and empower Shopify users with Ally Technology. We now extend the functionality to allow for the syncing of products, customers, inventory, orders and other data into the Ally Platform.

New Projects Started

New Merchant Portal and

Pharmacy Ally Application

QrFlix – Ally Entertainment Platform
Powered by DRCT

New Clients Onboarded

Feature Updates and Upgrades

Service Ally Improvements

  • Added helpful text throughout application
  • Added more order information throughout the application
  • Earnings Summary with Detail View
  • Past Earnings Summary with Detail View
  • Multi-Language capabilities
  • Upgraded App to newest operating system capabilities

Store Ally Improvements

  • Added helpful text throughout application
  • Store Locator improvements
  • Added new templates
    • Custom HTML
    • Map View
    • New Category Layouts
  • Click-to-call functionality throughout the App
  • Product Options can now be columns
  • Multi-Language capabilities
  • Product and Merchant Favorites
  • Menu Placement Locations
  • Upgraded App to newest operating system capabilities