Ally Develops Autonomous Vehicle For Deliveries

Ally, Inc., developer of the enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service Ally Platform, today announced Ally Rover, an autonomous vehicle for deliveries. The Ally Rover, or “robot” vehicle can hold several delivery containers to accomplish multiple deliveries in one outing.

Customers will be able to order food for delivery and have it delivered reliably by the Rover vehicle. Proprietary containers will be used to contain drinks, food, and other items without tipping or spilling thanks to securing straps and adjustable panels inside each container.

The Rover is also climate controlled. If food in a specific compartment needs to stay warm, the compartment will keep it warm until delivered for the customer to enjoy. If a chilled or frozen product, such as ice cream, is ordered, it will be in an appropriately chilled compartment to ensure the ideal experience. 

Roman Tsarovsky, Ally CEO, stated, “The future in delivery is the collaboration between autonomous and physical deliveries. The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with affordable, sustainable, and scalable options that increase satisfaction while lowering costs substantially. Rovers allow for short distance orders to be optimized and fulfilled efficiently while longer distance orders are fulfilled by drivers that keep 100% of the delivery and tips. This ultimately lowers the cost for the consumer while maximizing satisfaction.”

Merchants will be able to customize the top of the vehicle for their location / brand if desired. In addition to marketing opportunities, the Rover is also equipped with several security features to ensure the merchant and customer have a positive shared experience. Features include a fingerprint scanner, keypad with PIN unlock options, multiple cameras on each side, proximity sensors, UI screen for unlock options, and QR code scanner.

The Ally Rover is powered by Ally’s own AI called “Elly”. Elly will be able to navigate sidewalks, stop lights, street crossings, and any other obstacles throughout the course of delivery.  

Moreover, the carbon footprint for delivery will be significantly reduced with a smart autonomous vehicle powered by Ally technology and innovation. “Our Rovers are 100% electric and charged with renewable energy, making them environmentally friendly while providing great quality of service,” adds Tsarovsky.