Ally Launches Authentication on the Blockchain

The blockchain is powered by a decentralized network of computers. Every ten minutes new data blocks are created with records agreeing that a specific transaction happened at a certain time. This consists of thousands of computers indicating the transaction occurred, making it virtually unhackable.


Authentication on the Blockchain

Ally has built an authorization system on the blockchain that allows users to register and maintain their credentials and identity decentralized. 

Users are able to log in to various sites and platforms using their preferred wallet such as MetaMask; essentially using their wallets or crypto accounts to validate their identity and create an account.

Think of it like Single-Sign-On (SSO) but on the blockchain.


Use Case for the Technology

Ally has launched this technology in an effort to provide access to developer environments in a decentralized fashion. We want people to be able to authorize their developer identity for our platform so they can develop applications using our API on top of Ally technology.

  • Cross application authentication and registration
  • One click sign-on with private key
  • Standardize cross-platform data
  • Self-regulated, self-managed security and ownership of data
  • Permission access to internal technologies
  • API permission access for development
  • Simplifying the onboarding process of new users
  • Full API integration SDK to integrate into external applications
  • Reduce Password and Private Key Use for blockchain technology
  • Adding a layer of self-managed protection on top of private key
  • Self-ownership and management of login data
  • Decentralized password reset
  • Secures and protects identity on the blockchain
  • Decentralized 2-factor authentication 

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