Ally Develops Artificial Intelligence to Power Platform

Ally, Inc., developer of the enterprise-grade, Software-as-a-Service Ally Platform, today announced its Artificial Intelligence (AI), Elly. Elly is an AI interface that will power an integrated interactive experience across the Ally ecosystem.

Within the Ally software suite there are several points of contact for interaction, such as support, delivery scheduling, pricing, and other transactional processes. Elly will be the persona behind all of these connections.

Functions enhanced by Elly will include support chat bots, order processing , calculating delivery prices, order tracking, performance evaluations, and other decision making.

One of the most exciting ventures powered by Ally’s AI interface is the new Rover vehicle for autonomous deliveries. The Ally Rover, or “robot” vehicle can hold several delivery containers to accomplish multiple deliveries in one outing, and it will all be powered by Elly.

Roman Tsarovsky, Ally CEO, stated, “Elly will be one of the most integral parts of the Ally Ecosystem by bridging different projects and departments together while providing valuable support to everyone.

Elly will guide the Rover on sidewalks, stop at lights, navigate street crossings, and deal with any other obstacles encountered while completing a delivery.

At the same time, Elly will also respond to support requests from customers and drivers, monitor transactions, provide reports to merchants, and handle all routing for the Rover delivery vehicle.

“We want to provide our customers with the ability to interact more intelligently with our Platform to solve their problems more dynamically.  Elly does this while providing a personalized touch. Elly will be able to accomplish all that and much more.” adds Tsarovsky.