Ally Launches WordPress Plugin for eCommerce Experience!

The team at Ally has made it easier than ever to sync your Ally Platform data and experience with your WordPress eCommerce website.


Ally Platform Bridge to Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most commonly used website platforms in the world. With robust plugins, such as Woocommerce, businesses have been able to quickly launch and easily maintain eCommerce websites.

We want to make it easy for our merchants using WordPress to have a fully functional eCommerce experience synced with their data on the Ally platform. We have created a plugin that bridges your current WordPress eCommerce experience with the Ally Platform.

Our plugin allows for the syncing of inventory, product information, customer data, etc. between the Ally Platform and your WordPress site in real time.


Seamless Customer Experience

Your customers won’t have to get used to a new experience. You can continue directing traffic to your existing website, and once you install and activate the Ally WordPress plugin, all the info from your Ally Platform will be synced.

Using a new software or web platform often requires rebuilding your website, or dedicating time and money to custom development for integration.

The Ally WordPress plugin allows your existing eCommerce website built in WordPress and the Ally Platform to talk to each other, and remain in sync at all times.

Integrate our platform with your existing WordPress eCommerce website today. Contact us for more information.