Announcing Development of Pharmacy Ally: Connecting Customers and Pharmacies for Pick-up and Delivery of Prescriptions

Ally, Inc. today announced development of its newest digital application – Pharmacy Ally. The new app will connect customers with pharmacies for several services, including refills and pick-up and delivery of their prescriptions.

Roman Tsarovsky, Ally CEO, stated, “Ally is focused on providing solutions for every industry and empowering merchants to work directly with their customers. The pharmaceutical and medical industry are in desperate need for quality solutions in this department. We believe our platform is that solution.

Pharmacy Ally will be available on iOS, Android, and the Web. Pharmacies will be able to connect with customers through a white labeled app for several different services, creating an easy-to-use experience for the merchant, and the customer.

Customers can upload new prescriptions, transfer existing prescriptions, update prescribing physician information, request refills, and pay online. When requesting a refill, customers will have the option to schedule for pick-up or delivery of their prescriptions.

Customers will be able to search for pharmacies near their location for consultations and pick-up. Prescription delivery options will include the ability to track orders, and allow customers to identify their delivery driver.

All prescription deliveries will require face-to-face recognition so drivers can deliver directly to an approved recipient. Only those authorized can accept responsibility for the prescriptions, which ensures 100% confidence in the chain of custody.

Keeping safety in mind, customers will also have a profile where they can input their allergy information, and chat in-app with a pharmacist for any consultations needed.

The application will allow pharmacies to notify customers when prescriptions are ready, need to be filled, or need prescriber approval.

“Pharmacy Ally is a tool that facilitates easy communication and excellent service for pharmacies with their customers,” adds Tsarovsky. “We are very excited for this next step in the merchant experience on Ally.”