Ally Embed Store: eCommerce Made Easy!

If you have ever thought about adding eCommerce functionality to your website, but it seemed too complicated, or expensive, we understand completely.

You probably did a few web searches, only to read a collection of technical terms and recommendations to hire third-party developers just to get your products for sale on the web. This left you stuck with two bad choices: using complicated software with expensive add-ons or themes, or hiring a professional company for development and design, along with a significant expense.

That’s why we created a plug-and-play tool to simplify the process.


eCommerce, No Tech Required!

Businesses can integrate the Ally Embed Store – a full-featured eCommerce platform – into any technology desired or use this as a standalone website simply by forwarding a domain.

You do not need any knowledge of website development, databases, or any other technology to use the Embed Store. Whether you have an existing website, or have not even started the process, you can have an eCommerce solution up and running without hiring a team of web and software developers.


Your Business and the Embed Store

Your business will get a whitelabeled eCommerce website that works with your current technology. By simply dropping four lines of code into your existing website, it will be transformed into an eCommerce experience.

Use Ally to easily upload your inventory and sell directly to consumers. You will also get sophisticated tools to manage your loyalty programs, delivery, promotions, coupons, reservations, reputation, waiting lists, iOS and Android Apps and much more.


How Does the Embed Store Work with the Rest of the Ally Platform?

The Embed Store integrates with the rest of the Ally Platform to sync everything across its many applications and tools. As an extension of the Ally Platform, the Embed Storeallows for  menu, category, and user syncing. It is also fully integrated into the mobile apps. 

The Embed Store empowers merchants to provide their customers with a seamless web experience throughout their visit.

We provide an easy way for your business to onboard with the Ally Platform and empower you with strong tools, like the Ally Embed Store eCommerce solution, to grow your business. Are you in?