​​How the Direct Token (DRCT) is Used Throughout the Ally Ecosystem

“As technology progresses, traditional commerce finds itself fighting an uphill battle.  Businesses are at the mercy of large middleman companies only trying to consume market share at the expense of the restaurants, drivers, and customers.” Ally CEO, Roman Tsarovsky.


At Ally, we strive for what we call the perfect transaction. To accomplish this, we have created ten blockchain protocols that, when used together, create a secure and equitable transaction.  Every transaction is powered by the Direct Token (DRCT), making DRCT the backbone of the entire Ally ecosystem.

The Ally Ecosystem and Your Business

Whether it’s a merchant, service provider (i.e., driver) or consumer, they are connected across the entire platform by the Direct Token. Whether you are using Service Ally as a delivery driver, Merchant Ally as a business owner to provide deliveries to customers, or Ally POS for connected in-store purchases, every transaction is powered by DRCT.


Users can conduct business directly using the Direct Token or transactions can be seamlessly converted from your local fiat currency into DRCT. The Direct Token allows users to interact with the blockchain, which in turn is used to record, manage, and empower the perfect transaction through transfer of value, trustless escrow, distribution of funds, arbitration and dispute resolution, reputation management, reviews, staking, inventory, universal loyalty, and validation.


Empowered by Ally, merchants get their own branded iOS, Android and web experiences to help them advertise, grow and own the customer experience. 

The Perfect Transaction

When a transaction occurs, whether in fiat or crypto, the value collected is exchanged for Direct Tokens and held in escrow. Once each participant to a transaction successfully completes their respective obligations, the smart contract automatically distributes the funds to each party.


Using our protocols and the Direct Token, merchants will be able to keep 100% of their revenue by removing commission from a transaction. Drivers make an average of 42% more when compared to other platforms while customers save approximately 30% on every transaction.

Growing Ecosystem and Increased Adoption


As the Ally Platform continues to expand across the globe, more transactions will be powered by the Direct Token. We envision a global economy powered by DRCT that allows users around the world to benefit from our protocols. Ally’s Ten Protocols are a launching point for additional utility, which will further expand the reach of the Direct Token.


A great example of this is Autonomous Delivery. Ally is currently developing proprietary software and hardware – the Ally Rover – to bring affordable and autonomous delivery to the Ally Ecosystem. The Autonomous Delivery Protocol is powered by the Direct Token. Users will be able to engage delivery vehicles for the transportation of goods (such as food) using DRCT.


We are ready to bring the future to your business NOW. Contact us if you’re interested in experiencing the perfect transaction for your business.