Support Your Local Gig Economy

The Ally Platform is a software suite designed to support businesses, and all members of the gig economy community.

More than food delivery revolutionized, our applications facilitate direct connections between businesses, customers, and the freelance community of drivers, designers, software developers, virtual assistants, translators, and more, all without commission fees!


It’s Your Gig, It’s Your Money!

When you work, you get to keep your paycheck. When you freelance through a third-party application, there’s usually a big bad company who takes their cut right off the top! They charge a service fee to the business requesting a service, and they take a percentage from the freelancer who provided those services. The third-party company didn’t do any of the work, and yet, they are the ones with large profits!

Ally wants to bring our no-commission philosophy to every gig economy vertical. We want to support members of the gig economy community by helping you keep the money you earn in your pocket!


Power in Numbers

According to Erin Duffin, “In 2023, the projected gross volume of the gig economy is expected to reach 455.2 billion U.S. dollars. The gig economy is commonly defined as digital platforms that allow freelancers to connect with potential clients for short-term jobs, contracted work, or asset-sharing.”    

These numbers don’t lie. Freelancers are projected to outnumber full-time workers within less than ten years. And according to a recent survey, over 70% of the gig economy community are looking for project work via online exchange.

Third-party platforms like Fiverr and Upwork claim to help by connecting freelance workers with businesses who need their services, but where there are middlemen, there are commission fees to pay.

If the freelancer accepts responsibility for the fees, they earn less money. If the client agrees to pay the fees, they pay a higher rate to cover the cost. Either way, someone loses, and quality of work is often sacrificed in the process.

By enabling gig workers to connect with clients directly, Ally ensures 100% of the transactional cost and tips for work performed goes to those who perform it. Fees are removed, and quality stays true.

We want freelancers to stop paying 20% service fees and losing 20% of their tips to third-party platforms!

If you’re a member of the gig economy community, Ally wants to connect with you! There are more of you than there are of “them”. Use your power for good and let us help you keep more of your money today!