Ally: Software Connecting Businesses, Customers, and Drivers

Ally • (noun) – Enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service Platform that facilitates the perfect transaction between businesses, delivery drivers, and consumers.

Third-party marketplaces charge businesses high commissions for transactions on their platforms. Businesses, drivers, consumers pay the high price for convenience, and the middleman never seems to lose. Ally wants to change it all for the better.


Problems for Businesses

Many businesses have suffered because of the high fees from the third-party marketplaces. We have heard several stories about businesses receiving many orders, but making less than expected after the platform took a great portion of their revenue through fees and commissions.


The Ally Software Business Solution

Ally’s software provides multiple solutions for businesses, drivers, and consumers. 

Since Ally isn’t a middleman platform, businesses using Ally are connected directly to their customers. Each business pays a monthly flat fee, not a commission per transaction. Businesses are able to generate more revenue, and customers pay less for their goods.


Problems for Drivers

People driving for traditional third-party marketplace platforms get charged a commission for every delivery they complete. That’s right, a driver is paying to play on every transaction! This results in less revenue for the driver. 

Due to the high commissions, drivers also end up having to complete more deliveries to try and make a profit.


The Ally Software Driver Solution

Ally presents drivers with all of the information upfront, truly making them their own boss. They are able to make an informed choice and plan for every delivery. This is a contrast to the restricted information available to drivers on third-party platforms.

Using Ally’s software, drivers pay no per-transaction commissions. We charge a $100 software fee for each month the driver makes at least $1,000 through Ally. That’s why we say “Make more, drive less!”.

Why Ally?

Ally wants to help business owners, their customers, and delivery drivers connect more easily with each other. We don’t want to be your middleman, we want to be your uniting force. We are your ally in the marketplace. 

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