How Does Ally Benefit Your Business?

Connectivity is one of the most important aspects of business and society in general. We want to have mobile connectivity, be connected with businesses and customers, be connected easily with our finances, and we want to feel connected with each other.

We have an app for that.

No, we are not talking about the next great social network, but we are talking about a revolution for businesses here, and we think that’s very important!


Connected on the web and mobile devices

As we recently shared on the Ally Blog, we are a software solution connecting businesses, customers, and drivers. Our web and mobile software helps businesses, such as restaurants, engage with their customers. 

But wouldn’t that just mean that customers have to download yet another app for ordering? Not at all! The Ally software can be whitelabeled so that your business remains in the spotlight, not Ally. Customers would simply visit your business website or mobile app to place an order and/or request delivery.


Connected with your customers

Third-party marketplaces act as a gatekeeper to your customer data. This means when someone places an order, the order goes to the marketplace, not your restaurant. So your business doesn’t get any of the customer data for remarketing! That doesn’t feel very connected at all. Ally’s software connects the customer directly to your restaurant, data and all.


Connected with a Nationwide network of incentivized drivers

Businesses using Ally get access to a network of over 90,000 incentivized drivers. 

While your business will be directly connected with drivers, you do not have to manage them as employees. You get the hands-off management benefit of a third-party relationship, but with full connectivity for better customer service.

Our drivers are incentivized to perform better because they are not being charged commissions on each delivery transaction. In fact, we only charge them a small monthly flat fee for software usage, and only after they earned at least $1000 in that specific month.


Connected with your MONEY

Staying connected with your money by keeping your profits is the most important connection of all. Third-party marketplaces charge restaurants a commission for every order. Ally doesn’t charge any commissions to businesses.

No commissions means more revenue in your pocket. You are also freed from having to increase your prices to compensate for outrageous fees per transaction. This makes your customer more loyal because they don’t have to pay a premium for getting their food delivered.

Like drivers, businesses only pay a monthly flat fee for using our platform. No hidden fees, no per-transaction fees. You keep more of your money. Period!

If you are ready for your business to be more connected than you ever imagined, get started with Ally today!