Ally Weekly Recap of 15 July, 2021 to 21 July, 2021

Technology Developments 

Our developer and engineering teams were hard at work last week improving the user experience and performance of Ally’s software tools and applications. For example, a new and improved reward system was built and added to the feature list across all major merchant-focused systems such as the whitelabel web and mobile e-commerce tools. Additionally, processes involving the dispute systems across all Ally software applications were improved for faster, more efficient and effective resolutions. In preparation for future international expansion, our team began developing multilingual functionality across all Ally software applications and tools. 

For drivers, the team made improvements to Service Ally resulting in faster load times for viewing and accepting available delivery requests in the desired geographic area. These improvements also helped drivers using Service Ally better manage and appropriately route their already accepted orders. To improve communication amongst drivers, video chat functionality was added to Chat Ally. 


Major Key Announcements 

The past week was filled with many major news and announcements. The biggest being that we have officially announced our IDO with Ignition Launchpad to be on 1 July 2021! We will continue to release updates and key news about our IDO as the date approaches. To be one of the first to receive the news, make sure to follow our Telegram Announcement Channel. 

Additionally, we announced new strategic partners that will help Ally grow as we continue working towards transforming the world for the better! We are grateful to have announced the following as strategic partners and advisors:

  • Three M Capital, Strategic Partnership
  • Magnus Capital, Strategic Partnership
  • Spectre Group, Strategic Partnership
  • Kyle Chassé, Strategic Advisor
  • Ash WSB, Strategic Advisor

Each of these incredible companies and individuals add an immense amount of value to Ally. We look forward to seeing how successful we can be with their continued support!


New Merchant Clients

Multiple restaurants and businesses have joined our incredible client list this past week, using a variety of Ally’s services! These new clients are operational in multiple locations across the United States. They include:

  • Chuy’s
  • Chipotle 
  • 85C Bakery
  • Illegal Pete’s
  • La Boulangerie Boul’Mich
  • MealPal

We are excited to help them with their business and we look forward to announcing more new clients next week!

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